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The First Presbyterian Church Deacons Fund exists to help provide households with assistance with paying bills, finding a safe place to spend a night, and the purchase of food. Generally, the fund only provides assistance to households under emergency circumstances. The money available in the fund is limited and as a result, we cannot provide assistance to all households in all situations. The purpose of this document is to detall the application review process and the requirements for receiving assistance. After reading this document, you will be asked for your signature.

Limits on Assistance: Each household is limited to $200 in assistance during a 365 day period. Assistance is provided to the household, not the Individual. We do not provide money directly to any applicant. Instead, we pay companies or individuals where the applicant owes money directly. If food is requested, it will be purchased by the committee and provided to the applicant.

Application Review Process: Once your application is submitted, a committee of individuals will review your
application. As part of this review, the committee ensures that your household has not exceeded its annual assistance limit. Also, references and the agency (e.g., utility company, landlord, etc.) where funds will be provided will be contacted. The review process generally takes 3 business days. You will be contacted by the committee once your application has been reviewed.

Application Requirements: In order for any application to be reviewed, the following requirements must be met:

1. The applicant must provide a form of government issued identification

2. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age

3. Applications for utility or rent assistance must be filled out by the same individual that the utility billing is under/the person who signed the lease

4. Applications for utility assistance must be accompanied with copies of the previous two months of bills from the utility that the assistance is being requested for

5. Applications for rental payment assistance must be accompanied with a copy of the lease agreement

6. If an applicant is in immediate risk of having utilities shut off or being evicted, the applicant must provide copies of the utility shut off/eviction notice

7. All applicants must provide a valid, working phone number. This phone number must be their own number; it cannot be the phone number of a family member or friend

8. All applicants will be required to detail their budget for the past 30 days. This budget must include all sources of income and major expenditures. All smaller expenditures (<$25) can be combined as *miscellaneous expenditures"

By entering your full name below, you agree that have read and understand all of the details and requirements of this document. In addition by signing below, you agree to provide First Presbyterian Church all of the required application materials mentioned in this document.