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9:00 a.m. Informal Worship Service in Bruner Hall

FPC’s early morning service is more informal in nature. With a focus on singing contemporary worship songs (with occasional “classics” thrown in), the emphasis is on simply enjoying God’s (and each others!) presence. We pray for each other, and reflect on God’s Word for us today in Scripture and a message. For the most part, the message is the same in the first and traditional worship services. From time to time, we offer prayer for healing with the laying on of hands (along with anointing with oil), we light candles for peace, and celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of every month by “intinction” (the congregation is invited to come forward, break off a piece of bread from a larger loaf, dip it in the cup of grape juice, and receive God’s grace and love). The congregation is encouraged to come in casual, comfortable attire to worship and praise the Lord. The service begins with congregational singing of songs of praise. Members lead the singing, often with the support of a small contemporary band. Music is led piano, joined regularly by a larger praise band. Simple and participatory are the key words for this service.

11:00 a.m. Traditional Service in the Sanctuary

The traditional service is a bit more structured, though not formal. In this service, we focus on God’s Living Word (Jesus Christ) in the rhythms and practices of traditional Presbyterian worship. With liturgy, hymns, organ, piano, responsive and corporate prayers, children’s message, Scripture, and sermon, we gather in God’s presence and seek to grow in faith. Adding to the blessing of this service is music from the Chancel Choir, the Westminster Bell Choir, or other instrumentalists or soloists. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of every month in the traditional Presbyterian fashion (individual cups and pieces of bread are distributed to the congregation by elders and deacons of the church). You are welcome in jeans or something more formal, and you will find both in attendance. We hope that all who come are sent out healed, at peace, refreshed, challenged (whatever you need at the moment!), and empowered to live the coming week faithfully and abundantly.

During both Sunday worship services, a nursery is available for infants and pre-schoolers. During the Traditional Service, following the Children’s Sermon, “Junior Church” is available for those in Kindergarten through Elementary grades during the school year. The Lord’s Supper communion is served monthly, on the first Sunday.

  • Backpacks, Blessings, and Cupcakes

    In preparation for Blessing of the Backpack Sunday at FPC Logan on August 22nd, I finally took some time to clean out my Texas Longhorns backpack that always travels with me to worship on Sundays. I figured I owed it to myself to create space in which to receive maximum blessing potential as I begin a new education year at our church. You might remember that Mary Poppins was known for magically pulling random items out of her bag that you’d never expect to fit, and I was very close to having a Mary Poppins situation. When I dumped out the contents, I found what you’d expect me to find…some long-lost papers, smashed peanut butter crackers, an eraser, pens that no longer have ink, a pack of playing cards from the Denver mission trip. I also found some unexpected gems: an extra copy of the “Hallelujah” that was hidden in our sanctuary during Lenten worship, a hand-written note from a church member, an item belonging to a game in the youth group room. The backpack cleaning gave me the opportunity to take stock of blessings and to reflect on church ministry and memories from this past year. Perhaps you have a few minutes to sort through your own bag. What would you find?

    At the beginning of this new education year, there are some things I want to set aside and some other things I want to honor. Let’s call it a “fall cleaning” instead of a spring cleaning. I want to set aside my attitude that the way in which “something has always been done” is the way something must be done today. I want to honor the ways in which we, the church, have navigated and continue to navigate this pandemic with grace and mercy towards ourselves and our neighbors. I want to set aside those items stored in the closet “just in case” they can be used, and stock up on fresh ideas and materials to usher in this education year with innovative thinking and planning. I want to set aside my frustrations when our sound system gives us a hiccup while we’re trying to livestream worship and honor the dynamic worship that we offer to God together with our hearts, minds, and voices, with or without technical perfection. While I’m at it, I also want to honor the persistent dedication of our worship volunteers and musicians who share the incarnate love of God with us every week.  

    I want to acknowledge and grieve the sense of lost time that I imagined many of us experienced last year, set it aside, and honor the time that God has given us today to love and serve in a variety of callings and capacities in our community. Just last week, our youth group donated two hours of their time one evening to packing backpacks for the Cache Food Pantry’s backpack program, ensuring that children won’t go hungry over the weekend when they leave school on Friday. This activity was a powerful reminder for me that often, when we respond to God’s initiative, we have no idea the magnitude of blessing we offer. You are a blessing to this church, and together, we will continue to be a blessing in our corner of the world at 178 W. Center Street. 

    There are some wonderful things coming up that you do not want to miss at FPC Logan. Over the weekend of September 18th-19th, we will gather at Camp Hunt on Bear Lake for an All-Church Retreat, which continues to be thoughtfully and creatively planned by our planning team: Paul Davis, Beth and Mark MacDonald, Mary-Ann Muffoletto, Sara Hunt and Ben Crabb. There will be something for all ages, including a photo booth and activity stations. I’m praying that there will be s’mores, but am comforted by the knowledge that, s’mores or no s’mores, there will be delicious food to share and good company with whom to share it. In October, FPC Logan will host Loaves & Fishes on Saturday, October 16th, and your Mission Committee is preparing another Mission Sunday for Sunday, October 31st. Stay tuned for more information about the October outreach events.

    Pastor Derek returns to FPC Logan this week. I hope you’ll join us in welcoming him back from sabbatical with our outdoor cupcake party after both services this Sunday, Communion Sunday, September 5th! It will be great to have him back, and Pam and I have done some “decorating” in his office that is appropriate to the occasion. Stop by to see us and give him a warm elbow shake when you’re in the neighborhood. Don’t forget your mask!

    Grace and peace, Pastor Meg

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