Paul’s Message: Moving Forward

When I finished a longer bike ride recently, it felt good. True, the last few miles were tough, and the ride seemed like it would go on forever. But when I finally stop pedaling, it was good.

Right now, drawing near to the end of our search for an associate pastor, it’s starting to feel real good. We believe God has called us to a new adventure in ministry here in Cache Valley. We believe that God is calling us to grow in Spirit and in lives touched by the gospel. This new position is about looking forward to fulfilling that ministry. After discerning that call together, and reflecting on what this vision for ministry might look like for our congregation, Session and the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee are presenting the Rev. Derek Forbes to you. We have sensed his gifts and passion for ministry particularly in the areas of youth; young adult ministry and Christian Education.

It’s your turn to meet him. Derek talks about guidance in his devotion, and that will be an important part of the months to come as we, as a congregation, seek the Spirit’s guidance in extending him a call, in moving forward in ministry, and in changing lives for Christ.

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