Video Worship for 6/28/20

Dear FPC Friends,
This link below will take you to the new video with all of Pastor Meg’s sermon.  If you have already watched but would like to see her all of her sermon please click below, it’s well worth our time.
grace and peace be with you all,Derek

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Video Worship for 6/21/20

Dear FPC Friends,
Attached you will find a bulletin for this coming Sunday’s worship video, and also the YouTube link to that video.  The video should be ready for viewing late Saturday evening (the video is uploading now, and it takes quite a while to do so).
Thank you for your continued support of our church through prayer and your offerings.  We continue to be in good financial shape (thanks to you), and we’ve recently donated $5000 to local Covid-19 relief, CAPSA, and the Food Pantry.
We continue to take in food items (for local Covid-19 affected families) if you’d like to donate those.  You may leave them on the Swenson House porch and each day they’ll be brought inside.
grace and peace to you all,Pastor Derek

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Sanctuary open for prayer time Tuesdays and Fridays

If you need to spend some quiet time in the church sanctuary for prayer or reflection you may do so on Tuesdays (1-2pm) and Fridays (11am-12).  We ask that you wear a mask (we will have them for you if you do not have one), use the provided hand sanitizer when you enter and depart, and stay 10 feet from people not in your household.  Pastors Meg (Tuesdays) and Derek (Fridays) will be on hand in you would like to pray together, but please respect our social distancing guidelines.

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Vacation Bible School Registration now open

Vacation Bible School for ages 3 through 5th grade is now open online at the following link:

The dates for VBS is July 13-17. It will be an on-line event.

Sign-up your child or yourself as a volunteer at this link.

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Protected: Easter Song

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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  • UPDATE:  Coronavirus, Worship, and Being the Church

    Dear FPC Members and Friends,

    I’m writing to you all this month with an update of our current situation in my mind.  There is plenty to discuss, as you might imagine.  Your elders and pastors met together for our most recent Session meeting on May 20th (via Zoom) and I’d like to share two very important motions from that meeting.

    Before I get to those actions, I would like for us to consider what it means to be ‘church.’  Worship, of course, is central to our purpose, but the church is not a building, and ministry is not relegated only to in-person worship on Sunday mornings.  Someone once said any church worth its salt is doing more important stuff any other day of the week than on Sunday morning.  There has been lots of talk about re-opening of churches in recent days—the President even weighed in.  But to be clear, and with respect to the President, the church has never closed.  Our church is not closed!  Sure, we haven’t met together for worship.  But the ministry of each of you, along with your pastors, deacons, and elders continues.  Ministry—the work of the church—continues regardless of what happens at the building on Sunday morning.  Even worship continues, as we praise God from our own homes.

    The first motion that I want to share is that we will continue with video worship through the month of June, and we will discuss future months at our next Session meeting, on June 17th.  Your elders (and your pastors, I should add) feel that there are still too many unknowns about people in confined spaces for us to safely worship together.  Maybe it’s not the unknowns, but the ‘knowns.’  If we were to worship together, we would have to stay 6-feet apart from each other.  We could not have our fellowship time as we normally do

    The second motion that was taken at our last Session meeting is that your elders approved a $5,000 discretionary fund for your pastors to use where needs arise in our community.  I should note that we did not ask for this, but an elder made the motion and it was swiftly approved.  We are spending your offering dollars to help with needs in our community in the name of Jesus Christ.  The first two recipients of this emergency fund are CAPSA and the Cache Community Food Pantry.  By the time you are reading this I will have dropped off a check at Cache Community Food Pantry and CAPSA.  I spoke with directors at both organizations and they conveyed to me the challenges of fundraising (or food drives) in the midst of pandemics.

    Please know that the ministry of First Presbyterian Church continues…through you, through your pastors, through your deacons, elders, and other bodies of the church.  And if you haven’t done so yet, find us on YouTube and worship with us each weekend.  Search for ‘First Presbyterian Church of Logan’ on YouTube and you’ll find us.  The word of God is shared, Children’s Moments happen, and lots of beautiful music is offered to praise God.

    As things develop during the month of July, we will keep you posted.

    May the grace and peace of Christ be with you all.

    —Pastor Derek

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